Oct 4 / Dana Grindal

Back to School

September for many is the month of back to school. Remember when you were in school? A new school year meant new clothes, fresh school supplies, new teachers and a new schedule. It often meant new friends and activities too. There was a mix of excitement for the new things and anxiety for the unknowns. Was school a positive experience for you? Or negative? Likely it was a mix of both.

 A new school year brought new opportunities to learn and grow through new subjects, new teachers, and maybe even a new place. As kids we didn't have a choice about school. It was required so we went. It was meant to be a place for increasing knowledge about the world and about ourselves, a place to discover our gifts and how we can best apply them. We may not have fully embraced the value of school and the gift of learning when it was required.

Though many people stop going to school when they are 18 or early 20s, the gift of learning is meant to be for a lifetime. Learning brings growth to us and our relationships. Learning new skills can improve success in any job or sphere of influence. It strengthens and improves families and communities. Learning expands our understanding of God and His creation. To keep learning is to lean forward into life and experience the abundance God has intended.

We are never too old to learn new things. My grandfather modeled this to my family and left a legacy of learning. He was educated through college and seminary and served as a full-time minister for more than 30 years. After he retired, he continued to get up early each morning to study the Bible, read books and keep up with the news. He was always learning. He wrote a book, started a ministry, and stayed active in his community well into his 90s! He continued to grow as a person and in his relationship with God until he left this earth.

What have you always wanted to learn? What has God made you passionate about? Your personality, gifts, life experience and passion are given to you for a purpose. Write them out. Put them before God. Ask Him to direct your steps to the place where you can learn and grow in a safe and healthy community. Raise your hand if you're ready! It's never too late to go back to school!

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