Dana Grindal

The Bride is Walking in New Territory

August 8, 2020 was the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Globally countries were locked down.  Travel was halted.  Churches closed in many places. Business was happening from home.  In a season when it seemed the world was on pause, God impressed on me to begin to pray for London and to prepare for a move. By September my husband accepted a job transfer within his company from Texas to a new position, yes, in London. In November, my husband and I moved across the pond. We were in new territory.

Just a couple weeks before the move I had a very vivid spiritual dream.

In the dream I was walking closely with two friends in a beautiful park I had never seen before. We were wearing white wedding dresses. As we walked, the sidewalks diverged and we began walking down separate paths, in different directions.  I continued to walk taking in the beauty of the new place.  Soon I became very aware of my shoes.  My shoes were beautiful heels like brides often wear.  But they were uncomfortable, and my feet began to hurt.  I became concerned about my ability to keep walking in those shoes.  I realized I needed different shoes. Then I woke up.

Living in London I was living out this dream.  With my friends and family back in Texas, my path had diverged from the comfort of the familiar.  I was exploring new territory, walking everywhere in more extreme weather conditions, unpredictable road surfaces, and longer distances than ever before. And as often happens, the natural was reflecting the spiritual.

Isn’t this true for us all as believers? The church globally is the Bride of Christ. That is not a national condition or religion but an intimate, personal relationship. As the Bride we are in new territory.  During and post COVID there are new paths opening for ministry.  Some of us are called away from previous ministries or businesses into new. Do you know what you are called to in this new season? Seek the Lord and inquire of Him for revelation. Then pursue that path with all diligence and perseverance. Remember you do not walk alone. He goes with you.

How we walk matters.  Be aware of your shoes.  Are you hurting from trying to walk in the new territory season?  Check your heart.  Check your shoes. Do you walk in readiness to share the life-giving gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15)? Do you walk in peace, and bring that peace to the real-life circumstances you encounter? If not seek the Lord. What is He is asking you to release, and what He is asking you receive? Receive it with thanks and step into it with confidence.

Let us all be careful how we walk. Many are hurting from the past season.  If you are walking in pain do not ignore it.  Seek inner healing through your church, counselors, pastor, or trained inner healing ministries.  Let us persevere and finish well, preparing the way for the Return of the Bridegroom.

So then, be careful how you walk, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil (Eph. 5:15-16).
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