Dana Grindal

Prepare Your Heart

Growing up my father was a fighter pilot in the Air Force. He served in many important assignments for national defense and the training of other military leaders. We lived in many different states and countries for Him to serve in this role. As a family, we did normal family activities together. As kids, we had normal school and extracurricular activities. But overlaying all of that was that we were a military family. We knew that moving was part of the mission. No matter how much we liked where we were, we knew a call would come to move us and our hearts were prepared to receive it. When dad got the call that it was time for a new assignment, we all went with Him. We left behind places and people we loved to fulfill a bigger call. No matter how often we moved, or how challenging the seasons, we knew who our Father was, the importance of the mission, and that we could trust Him.  

Military members and their families moved frequently because the need for those skills was required in different places. It was by moving into new territory that you expanded your skills and matured in your function to take on greater responsibility in leadership. Everyone was important to the team. Every role was necessary. The success of the individual in accomplishing their role, brought greater success to the whole. 

This is what it means to be sons and daughters of God. We are members of His family. As such, our hearts must stay prepared to move. He is giving the directives and we follow. They don't always make sense in the moment, but they are necessary for the mission of God to be accomplished on earth. You are part of that mission. You are important to the team. Your role is necessary. Leaving comfortable places of serving to go into new territory can be hard. Yet this is where you are needed. And this is where you will grow and mature in the skills He has given you to take on greater responsibility. Serving in new territory will expand your understanding of your Heavenly Father, build your trust in Him and your sense of value to His mission on earth.

The military is necessary because there is always an enemy who seeks to trespass your borders, compromise your communication, and ultimately take your power. That enemy seeks to create division and destruction. Do not let him have territory in your heart or in your assignment. The Spirit of God is being poured out in the world. Father God is giving directives and calling His sons and daughters to step up for such a time as this. Will you commit to prepare your heart? Will you commit to be ready to move when He gives the directive to you? Will you commit to serve His mission on earth until Christ returns? 
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