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Building Blocks for Breakthrough

We are problem-solvers. Our core identity and foundation is established one block at a time. To build a strong internal “sanctuary” from which to live, takes intentionality all along the journey.
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An essential key for building is to do it from the reality of your core identity, and rather than relying solely on a limited viewpoint, you should draw from the vast treasures founded in biblical truths. The idea of building blocks indicates taking steps, one at a time, walking out an incremental understanding, and discovering keys for your own personal journey as well as your commissioned assignments here on Earth. The process of building means you’ll be deploying intentional effort along the way, which sets the stage for an internal landscape as an ‘inner sanctuary’ – a place to abide. 

This course describes ways to live from the heart of Jesus Christ. It includes demonstrations, experiences, worksheets, and self-directed exercises. You will learn to become a purposeful craftsman in your own journey, identifying the imprint of cause and effect that mark specific times in your life, which eventually produces the fruit of living from a place of overflow. 

As a believer, you are meant to be a problem-solver, to gain breakthrough as part of the foundation of being empowered within. The promotion of a strong, healthy relationship with God requires the fundamental work of recovery, discovery, understanding and knowing the importance of your own needs. When you hold tight and come to bear witness to a deeper healing within, it becomes a “testimony of love” to yourself, your family, and the community around you.  

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Molly mcnamara

Molly McNamara is an ordained and licensed minister, nurse executive and trauma practitioner with over 40 years of healthcare; with experience leading a Level I Trauma Center in Houston, recipient of the 1st Federal Grant for Youth Suicide Prevention in Texas, former President of the Texas Trauma Systems, and Director of Utilization Management.
After 10 years in bivocational ministry and healthcare, Molly retired in February 2020 and is developing resources that merge science with the work of the cross to build bridges to wholeness for God’s people using applications to the spiritual realms.

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