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Parenting in the Face of Futility

Discover how to navigate the uncharted waters of futility with your child, and to find hope and healing through it all. In this course, you will be given many tangible action steps that will aide you in the way you assist your child. 
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One of the most devastating things for a parent is realizing that your child is exhibiting signs of helplessness, powerlessness, depression, thoughts of suicide, rebellion, or lost hope. A second feeling, nearly as devastating, is feeling as though you can’t do anything to help them. You want to be there for them but don’t know exactly how to. Or maybe their acts of rebellious behavior are pushing you away. 

This course goes beyond the basics of counseling by addressing ways to support your young person and the family through times of transition and when one or more family members are stuck. In this course, you are provided tangible tools and suggestions that come from real-life youth and adults who have walked through similar trials. We want to encourage and empower you to come alongside your young one in this journey they are on, but it is imperative to do so with healthy tools and strategies at your fingertips. Take the first step on your family’s healing journey and join us as we navigate the uncharted water of futility together, and find hope and healing through the process.


created by

Molly mcnamara

Molly McNamara is an ordained and licensed minister, nurse executive and trauma practitioner with over 40 years of healthcare; with experience leading a Level I Trauma Center in Houston, recipient of the 1st Federal Grant for Youth Suicide Prevention in Texas, former President of the Texas Trauma Systems, and Director of Utilization Management.
After 10 years in bivocational ministry and healthcare, Molly retired in February 2020 and is developing resources that merge science with the work of the cross to build bridges to wholeness for God’s people using applications to the spiritual realms.

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