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WE AIM TO PROVIDE Advanced Training for Christian Leaders Serving Those Affected By Trauma

Global trauma is at an all time high, leaving individuals, families and communities overwhelmed and underserved. This is why TFI designed our proven, in-depth school of ministry to provide practitioners with advanced training in fields of therapy, counseling and pastoral care. With a TFI Certification, you will be equipped to administer lasting healing for those in need.
Teaching Fellowship Institute (TFI) School of Ministry (SOM) offers individuals a 200-hour experience with hands-on learning modalities based on God’s principles of healing spirit, soul, and body. Developed and directed by seasoned Elijah House Trained Prayer Ministers, Molly McNamara and Dana Grindal, fellows are guided in the acquisition of tools and Holy Spirit led prayer ministry skills developed on well-founded science in the areas of inner healing, humanity, and deliverance. The Fellowship is geared to equip those called to serve others, and is especially beneficial for those in the fields of therapy, counseling, coaching, missions, ministry or prayer ministry. 

The pathway to success

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First complete the TFI Application process and complete the onboarding process.


The school includes 200 hours of training, including coursework, 1 on 1 mentoring, and counseling.


Upon completion of the School of Ministry, all fellows will receive a certification.


The School of Ministry is intended to help you create a lasting impact in your community. Go out and administer sustainable healing.


After attending the SOM yourself, we encourage you to invite your peers to come alongside you and join the school.

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TFI offers active support to fellows to enhance their ability to partner with the Holy Spirit, apply the knowledge of study to areas of healing based on a framework of honor, respect, and courtesy. Throughout the TFI experience, fellows will discover more of their God-given design and personal passion to bring His healing power to others and to their own journey. TFI believes in providing a solid biblically based, Holy Spirit led process to the work of ministry. Through the biblical foundation of healing, maturity, and spiritual leadership your skills will be accentuated and applied through mentoring, training, and practicums. 
why Join?

key elements of investing in som

Flexible Scheduling

Based on client, fellow’s, and prayer minister’s schedules.

Interactive Activities

Observation and training with clients and small groups with other fellows.


Supervision provided by licensed ministers, with a combined experience of 65+ years in counseling, teaching, Fellowship instructors, and authors.


Situations are designed to give the fellow opportunities to learn and reflect in a safe, confidential, and closely supervised environment.


Fellows receive on-going debriefing at each session or event, as well as written evaluations and feedback at each 12 hours of client sessions during the training.


Guidance and one-on-one mentoring throughout the 200-hour training with objectives at each level of training.


You will be part of a rich global community of prayer ministers, and may have the opportunity to co-minister with TFI instructors in ministry opportunities such as schools, workshops, small group facilitation, short term missions, etc.

Frequently asked questions


Lectures begin January 14, 2024 and are required for all fellows. The dates of the lectures are:
Jan 14, 28
Feb 11, 25
Mar 10, 24
Apr 7, 21
May 5, 19 
Jun 2, 23
Jul No school
Aug No school
Sept 8, 22
Oct 6, 20
Nov 3, 17 

The fellows will also be required to book two mentoring sessions each month, but the dates are flexible for these.

Cost, Prerequisites, and steps of som application?

Step 1: Apply
Complete the online application and list your references.
You will receive an invoice for a nonrefundable $40.00 application fee. Once payment is received, we will process your application.

Step 2: References
Your referees will receive an email from with a link to a Google form where they can digitally make their reference. If your referees don’t respond to our requests for their reference, you may be asked to reach out to them personally to assist us in collecting your references before the deadline.
Step 3: Notice of Admission Status  
Rolling Application: Applications are processed as they are received.
Receive SOM approval or recommendations to apply at a later date.

Step 4: Prerequisites
Once you have been approved, complete a Personal Prayer Ministry Intensive or provide documental that you have received one in the past 24 months. Intensives are 12 hours over 3 days and will cost $900.
Purchase ‘Ascend-Preparing for Your Ministry Mountain’ book – Amazon link
View the video in TFI “Principles in Prayer Ministry”

Step 5: SOM Begins - Required Lectures and Mentoring Sessions
Ongoing bi-monthly mentoring sessions = $150 per month
Lectures are 8 hours per month, free of charge for the flagship year.

What does it take to become a trained prayer minister?

  • Has met all pre-requisites.
  • Received 50 hours minimum observation, note taking, and invitational participation by invitation of the TFI instructor. 
  • Attended pre and post debriefing as part of a client or co-fellow session.
  • Completed videos, reading, homework assignments, and online discussion group as assigned by the TFI instructor.
  • Completed bi-monthly 1-hr. mentoring sessions with a TFI instructor.
  • Received feedback evaluation by the TFI instructor after each 12/hrs. of client sessions.
  • Received a recommendation to transition to the next level from a TFI Instructor.


  • Met criteria from TFI Level I and were recommended for Level II by TFI administration.
  • Fulfilled at least 100 hours of practicum with a TFI instructor in a co-ministry role (in-person or online).
  • Attended pre and post debriefing as part of the client sessions with the instructor.
  • Completed videos, reading, homework assignments, and online discussion group classes as assigned by a TFI instructor.
  • Completed bi-monthly 1-hr. mentoring sessions with a TFI instructor.
  • Received feedback evaluation by a TFI instructor following each 12/hrs. of client sessions.
  • Received a recommendation to transition to the next level from the TFI instructor.

  • Met criteria from TFI Level II and were recommended for Level III by TFI administration.
  • Provided written proof of counseling insurance to TFI administration (recommend HPSO).
  • Fulfilled at least 50 hours in sessions with TFI clients (or the fellow’s own clients) taking the lead role as Prayer Minister.
  • Completed videos, reading, homework assignments, and discussion group as assigned by the TFI instructor.
  • Completed bi-monthly 1-hr. mentoring sessions with a TFI instructor.
  • Completed a self-evaluation with feedback by a TFI instructor after each 12/hrs. of sessions.

Typically fellows can finish the TFI School of Ministry in two years by combining the Level II and Level III criterita.


TFI believes in supporting fellows in this comprehensive training school. There are several conditions under which the training may take additional time or vary in the practicum setting, these include:

  • Where the fellow is currently seeing clients, the TFI Instructors may grant approval for Level III criteria to be applied to sessions where the fellow has invited the TFI Instructor to observe (in-person or online). This must be pre-approved with TFI and the client prior to the session(s). All confidentiality standards would be upheld.
  • The recommendation to transition to the next level is declined. The progression of TFI is not based on the hours spent in instruction or client sessions, but the sustained enlargement of spiritual authority observed by the instructor as the fellow continues to gain expertise in application of the tools, honor with the clients, and confidence within themselves. If transition to the next level is declined, the fellow may continue in the training and be re-reviewed at each evaluation period (every 12/hrs. of client sessions) for consideration to the next level. 
  • There are also times when a fellow may require a leave of absence from TFI for personal reasons and we are willing to have a discussion with the fellow. Should this be necessary, the fellow is asked to submit a request for leave in writing to the assigned instructor. 

What is the benefit of completing tfi school of ministry?

You may:
  • Co-minister with TFI instructors.
  • Be invited to participate in ministry opportunities with one of the ministries associated with TFI (His Whole House or Whitestone Ministries Intl. as part of the ministry team, e.g., schools, workshops, small group facilitation, short term missions, etc. 
  • Be eligible for consideration as a TFI community partner.

What does it mean to be part of the first-fruits class of SOM (2024-2025)?

In this first year of SOM, TFI has decided to offer the lectures and practicums for free to the fellows as a first-fruits offering to God. 
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