Oct 4 / Dana Grindal

Wait Training

In mid-July I was praying with several individuals. They were different from each other in many ways, but one way I noticed was the same. They were all waiting on God. Each of them had followed God’s instructions, made steps of faith, was confident that they were where God wanted them to be, yet what He had promised was yet to be seen.

 In this time, as I was praying for their peace and strength in the waiting, one person in particular came to my mind during my morning walk. In that moment a man came around the corner jogging towards me. He was wearing normal jogging clothes appropriate for the Texas summer heat. But he had on one additional item – a black vest. It caught my eye. Was it a fishing vest? Or bulletproof vest? I didn’t know until he was passing right by.

The black vest had small pockets all over it, and inside each one was a weight. The vest was for strength training. The revelation came and I felt the Spirit of God say “Wait training is weight training.” The words came with understanding that the person I was praying for was in waiting training. The waiting season was like the jogger weight training. The suffering and challenges they were experiencing as they persevered waiting on God’s promises to be seen in their lives was building their faith muscles, strengthening their spirit, and increasing their endurance.

I realized this was a word for all those who are waiting on God. Carrying the weight of His Word and His promises, persevering through heat of trials, will bring about a revelation of His glory in our lives if we do not give up.

So, if this is you, keep persevering in the “weight” training and you will see His glory.

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that for outweighs them all" (2 Cor. 4:17).

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