Freedom from Fear, Anxiety and Pain

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  • Author
    Dana Grindal
  • Sessions
  • Time
    9 weeks
  • Video time
    12.5 hours
  • Cost
In this course

we will discuss healing and freedom from

  • Early life shame
  • Unmet needs
  • Trauma
  • Unforgiveness & Bitterness
  • Unresolved Grief
  • Inner Vows
  • Demonic Predictions
  • Unmet Expectations
Meet the authors

Laura & Dana

Dana Grindal

Dana and Laura partner together to facilitate Free To Be Me, a nine-week online course empowering men, women and young people to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and behaviors, no matter how long standing or debilitating. Discover the joy of your true identity while breaking free from fearful, shame-based mindsets. This course is ideal for individuals, married couples, parents and teens, and small group studies. Laura and Dana share a passion for seeing people of all ages set free. They teach from a biblical foundation, incorporating science and authentic personal experiences. Connect and learn more at or follow their podcast at

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